Summary of consulting activities

DANUBEX serves companies in various fields such as sales, marketing, claims and training with an experienced team of experts.

What makes our consulting special is that we work with experts who focus on applicable and realistic solutions. They gained their experience in the specific area of industry. This is of advantage to the client and during the implementation process.

Our consulting services focus on companies who are interested in improving their international business activities. In case of outsourcing, we can take over different working packages in order to increase the performance of the company.

We offer support in the following fields:

  • Refractory consulting
  • Sales and marketing consulting
  • Training consulting
  • Claims consulting

Concept and Phases

In order to support you best and to understand your requirements, we use a consulting concept that allows us to interact with you as effectfully as possible:

Phase 1 –  Entry

First contact with client and preliminary problem diagnosis.

Phase 2 – Diagnosis

Fact finding and data gathering. Fact analysing. Detailed problem examination.

Phase 3 – Action planning

Developing solutions. Evaluating alternatives. Proposal to client. Planning for implementation.

Phase 4 – Implementation

Assisting with implementation. Adjusting proposals. Training.

Phase 5 – Termination

Evaluation. Final report. Setting commitments. Plans for follow.up.

This procedure shall secure that clients are satisfied and receive the required services on time.

Where Can We Support You?

Refractory Consulting
  • Selection and its application of refractories
    • Process analyses of kilns and furnaces
    • Analyses of wear mechanisms of refractory products
    • Supervision of refractory installations
    • Supporting product development with research department
    • Launch of refractory bricks and monolithics
Sales and Marketing Consulting
  • Technical support of sales and customers
  • Market entry
  • Sales activities (offers, tenders), mainly in CIS & Russia
  • Acquisition and development of existing and new customers
  • Development of sales and marketing strategies
Training Consulting
  • Conduction and moderation of trainings for customers and employees
  • Strategic development of trainngs
  • Implementation of training centers
  • Coordination and training of project members and trainers
  • Creation of training contents and documents
  • Conduction/Moderationof practical trainings (e.g. installation of refractories) for customers and employees
  • Marketing of training activities

Claims Management
  • Handling of contractual claims and reclamations
  • Assuring the fulfilment of contractual obligations by the respective contractors
  • Supporting the clearance and/or solution.
  • Leading negotiations with project teams and contractors
  • Interfacing with sharholder such as Project Management, Engineering, Procurement, Project Controls, Legal, Tax, Treasury, HSE, QA/QC
  • Involvement in the negotiation of major contracts
  • Supporting claims and counter claims, negotiation strategies, negotiation limits and contracting strategies
  • Recommending claims avoidance/mitigation strategies.
  • Minimising project and general business contractual and commercial risks.