Industry and Infrastructure Projects

We are initiating and participating in regional tenders for infrastructure, energy and industrial projects.

We are working with green field projects, but also with reconstruction projects together with our partner companies.

Additionally, we are organising consortium structures with different producers, engineering and montage companies to handle in an appropriate form the respective projects.


  • We have an extensive network related to the decison makers in the the key companies of the region which helps strongly to understand the market and the perspective of the prokects in question.
  • You can use our vaste knowledge related to local engineering and montage companies.
  • We will run you through the legal framework of the countries where the respective project will have to be implemented.
  • Our expertise will help you to make the right decisions and to choose the right projects to particpate in.
  • Finally we will be on your side all the long way of the project and participate ourselves in them.