About Us



DANUBEX Consulting and Trading GmbH is an Austrian company offering consulting, trading and commercial agent services in raw material and heavy industry. It is registered in Vienna.

The key activities are based in the refractory, steel, non-ferrous, cement and oil industry. Beside supporting industries with their standard business activities, DANUBEX GmbH is more and more involved in accompanying its clients with implementation of new technologies and processes and modernisations of plants.

Benefits for the clients

The management team has long-year experience in global business activities, in particular in CEE and CIS countries. High flexibility is reached as DANUBEX GmbH is working with strategic networks which consist of specialized teams of experts and local working partners. This combination allows individual and adjusted services to fulfill the business needs and aims of the clients.

Our Past & The Future


DANUBEX GmbH was established in 1995. The founders of the company were Ing. Arkadij Popov and Dr. Robert Herscovici.

Main activities were the comprehensive supply of metallurgical equipment from Russia to Eastern and Western Europe. In the first years after its incorporation, the primary business activity of DANUBEX GmbH was its cooperation with the state foreign trade association GPVO “Tyazhpromexport” of which Ing. Arkadij Popov was a representative in Europe for a number of years. Later on, these activities were supplemented by the supply of heavy casting products, forming rolls, and steel billets to the German market as well as participation in joint turnkey projects in Asia, in particular, with Russian and German companies.

Change of shareholders

As the former manging partner Ing. Arkadij Popov retired and left the company, the company was reorganized in 2016 with the entry of Dipl.-Ing. Erich Schachenhofer as managing partner. He contributed from 2016 until 2017 and extended  with his long year experience and networks application fields and regions. In this aspect, the company name changed from DANUBEX Handelsgesellschaft mbH to DANUBEX Consulting and Trading GmbH. Further, the corporate identity was modernized


The actual strategic focus of DANUBEX is to follow-up the new established networks, in order to bring in additional tailor-made services to the clients in the field of consulting, trading and agent activities.